Parents praise for Imam Al Ghazli Book Project

Imam al-Ghazali continues to be a teacher for one and all for centuries.

The al-Ghazali Children’s Project also continues to grow and flourish interactively with its volumes for the young on character refinement.

The project has evolved into a key element in the much needed paradigm shift for effective character refinement and beautiful education for the young.

Countless letters from parents to the publisher note that this condensation and simplification of the essential teachings of Imam al-Ghazali have made it possible for them to realize these meaningful and universal truths in their own lives.  For more check out

How to give is the lastest book on Zakat and Almsgiving




New Book Recommendation Section Added

This section will be updated from time to time with news related to a variety of books on the following topics, enjoy…as the pages will be updated

  • Islam– Upcoming soon-as of today in a few hours-on October 1, 2016   
  • Women and Islam  
  • Sufism 
  • Rumi and Sufi Poetry   IN PROGRESS   will include events and workshops when possible 
  • Middle East and Arabia
  • Special Mentions   20160930_233150 

Rumi Week – Workshop on Islamic Manuscripts


With  Al-Hikam al Atta’iyyah  manuscript one of the numerous highlights at special collection library at the Alquería de Rosales (Azagra) Center-workshop on ‘Islamic Manuscripts’ with curator Adiba Romero, a great initiative, part of the activities- lectures, concerts, workshops, readings- Rosales, Spai

Manuscript workshop wt Adiba Romero, sp collection Al Hikam al Atta'iyyah   Nn July  2015

On Islamic art, Writing & Poetry-Oasis Magazine interview

Interview on writing, poetry and  love for Islamic art – Journey of the Soul



nimah oasis magazine interview image  1

Online link to interview – Oasis article


Reunion with inspiration Shems Friedlander



Reunion with Sidi Shems Friedlander during a  pre opening visit to his upcoming artwork and photo exhibit ‘Winter Harevst.’ He has been an inspiration to generations of students at AUC as well as readers of his classic books and viewers of his documentaries. A personal inspiration with his work on Mawlana Rumi in service to and abiding love for The One. His nine books include classics such as When You Hear Hoofbeats, Think of a Zebra Talks on Sufism and Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes.  Deeply appreciative to his contribution of the foreword of Canvas of the Soul and his ma’rifah, wisdom and continued inspiration on several levels.




With Sidi Shems Friedlander author, film maker, photographer, artist and contributor of foreword to 'Canvas of the Soul;

With Sidi Shems Friedlander author, film maker, photographer, artist and contributor of foreword to ‘Canvas of the Soul;


Nightly Pilgrimage………….We go on a pilgrimage… every night..with the turning

“We go on a pilgrimage
every night
with the turning of the sailing stars
and the dawn of the day
the pilgrimage of the soul
tugs and pulls
in the Realm of Love”
excerpt from – Nightly Pilgrimage


Canvas of the Soul   Copyright by Nimah Ismail Nawwab

The poem 'Nightly Pilgrimage'  with artwork from Canvas of the Soul

The poem ‘Nightly Pilgrimage’ with artwork from Canvas of the Soul