Past events

Ni’mah’s interests in diversity, change, tolerance and she prefers acceptance, women’s issues and empowering youth have led to involvement in various activities ranging from conferences and presentations to workshops.

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Dubbed a ‘cultural ambassadress’ and a ‘voice for Arab women’ based on a range of interactive readings and presentations in countries across the East and West. She has been a keynote speaker at various venues ranging from institutes to universities and schools, and has presented at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East several times, Japan Expo 2006, The UN pavilion, the Smithsonian Anthropology Department, Ghalib Academy in India and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)-London University, with upcoming events at museums such as the Islamic Museum, Qatar in 2013 and Museum of Modern Art, Sydney 2014 among others. She has also been an initiator, speaker and organizer of youth forums in various countries

Nominated a Young Global Leader of the Young Global Leaders Forum, an affiliate of the World Economic Forum (WEF) to serve for five years, she joined 175 new leading executives, public figures and intellectuals from 50 countries addressing global issues. She has actively taken part as a speaker and panelist at several WEF Forums on issues related to youth, women, education , change and leadership.

Academic and Readings
Young Global Leader Activities
Youth, Women and Leadership

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