Women Empowerment

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Ni’mah is a humanitarian who shares a deep concern about human rights for all men, women and children.

As a female empowerment activist she has been involved with various family and women’s issues including the forced divorce petition and case, guardianship of women and addresses challenges in professional lives, voting for women in Saudi Arabia, and women in the Arab Spring among others.

Her written work, features, poems and lectures on human rights began at an early age and continues to the present.

She has been an keynote speaker, panelist discussion leader and subject matter expert at numerous women’s empowerment functions internationally at the UN Pavillion, The World Expo, Japan, for example, and keynote on ‘Women and Society’ and ‘Women and Change’ at the Middle East (ME) WEF Sharm Sheikh, round table leader at the ME WEF in Jordan 2009 on women.

Conferences on family laws as related to women issues and rights at WISE and Musawah  in Malaysia in 2009 and  later in 2011 in Istanbul, opening the conference and taking part in a panel on ‘Women and the Arab Spring.’ also led to work on crucial root causes and laws.

She has been featured as a female social activist and a female professional in several documentaries including BBC World News, in documentaries ‘Talents Celebrated’, ‘Women at Work’ on al-Ikhbariayah and ‘Modern Saudi Women’ on MBC among other such segments.

She continues to support many young women in various fields professionally and through mentoring in arts and professional growth.  Her focus on values, spirituality with development is a key factor in her present day work.

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