Poetry Links

 This page will be constantly updated with new links


Newest  Post-Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore’s work, heard and written –a new poem  http://ecstaticxchange.com/2015/02/09/until-the-very-last-breath/  

On the poet’s wok- excerpt from his site: The Ecstatic Exchange Series is bringing out the extensive body of his works of poetry, beginning in 2005 with Mars & Beyond, Laughing Buddha Weeping Sufi, Salt Prayers and a revised edition of Ramadan Sonnets, and continuing in 2006 beginning with Psalms for the Brokenhearted, I Imagine a Lion, Coattails of the Saint, Love is a Letter Burning in a High Wind, and The Flame of Transformation Turns to Light. Abdallah Jones and the Disappearing-Dust Caper is the tenth in the series, and the first for young adults in the Ecstatic Exchange/Crescent


Poem’s by Nimah audio in her voice – https://soundcloud.com/nimah-nawwab


Poems by Nimah featured in Other Voices Poetry Projects http://www.othervoicespoetry.org/vol14/nawwab/index.html


Universe of Poetry http://www.universeofpoetry.org   and Nimah’s work featured under Poets by Nation- Saudi Arabia


Famous Poets and Poems  http://www.famouspoetsandpoems.com


A Poem a Day 180 for High School Students   http://www.loc.gov/poetry/180/


Middle Eastern American Poets  http://www.poetspath.com/exhibits/middle_eastern_american_poets.html

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