Brief Biography

Ni’mah Isma’il Nawwab 

Descended from a long line of scholars from Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Ni’mah Isma’il Nawwab is an internationally published twice best-selling English poet, writer  and photographer, active with film making, a Young Global Leader and recognized international lecturer and key note speaker who lectures on a wide range of subjects based on her areas of expertise.

Ni’mah was recently ranked No. 6 among the ‘Most Extra Ordinary 100 Muslim Women Past and Present.’

Recognized as a ‘Voice for Arab Women and Youth,’ she is engaged with critical and emerging issues involving youth empowerment, leadership, the arts, culture, human rights, education and family issues. She seeks to build bridges of understanding related to global peace and rapport.

Her best-selling books and work have been featured in numerous media outlets including BBC World News, Newsweek International,  Washington PostMSNBC, the Japanese English Yomiuri Shimbum, GEO France, India’s Asian Age, Malaysia’s Berita Harian,Britain’s Hello Magazine, Azizah Magazine as well as various Arabic and international media.

Dubbed a ‘cultural ambassadress’ based on a range of projects, interactive readings and presentations on a wide diversified range of social, professional, educational and economic subjects presented in countries across the East and West she continues to lecture, book tour, conduct forums and exhibit her work. Her training and facilitating at forums and workshops has been conducted globally for diverse groups and different age levels.

Nominated as the first Saudi female Young Global Leader of the Young Global Leaders Forum in affiliation with The World Economic Forum in 2006, she has actively taken part as a keynote speaker and panelist at several WEF Forums. In 2008 she obtained an executive MBA from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government in Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century.

Her global  work in the East and West, engagement with audiences such as at the World Expo in Japan,  at museums and  academic institutes include a variety of activities with an emphasis on humanity, spirituality, youth engagement and spreading love for diverse forms of arts.  

Her latest  readings have been a second tour in Australia,  India  and in  Madinah al-Munawwarah as well as  Malaysia with future activities slated. 

Current work

She is currently working on her next manuscripts and lectures as she globetrots and works with musicians and artists, calligraphers, graphic artists, photographers as well as young and established film makers to interweave various art forms and instill a love for literacy, poetry, music and art among audiences and readers.

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