Youth Empowerment

Dubbed a ‘voice for Arab women and youth,’ she is engaged with critical and emerging issues involving women and youth empowerment.

Nominated as the first Saudi female Young Global Leader of the Young Global Leaders Forum in affiliation with The World Economic Forum, she has actively taken part as a keynote speaker and panelist at several WEF Forums Starting with her proposal years ago to start including youth sessions -with delegates from various countries – in the first place at the WEF and then participating in such sessions through the years. Her proposal to include youth for the first time was picked up by the organizing committee and conducted several youth sessions which have since the first one become a vital part of the WEF.

Nimah’s work and best-selling books have been featured in BBC World News, Newsweek International, MSNBC, AP, The Washington Post and numerous other major media outlets.

Youth Empowerment, Forums and Active Leadership

Nimah has been an initiator, speaker and organizer of youth forums in various countries with themes related to youth empowerment since 2000.

This includes her co-facilitation and organization of a first-of–its- kind youth forum –-world café style–held in Jeddah that included the two genders in one session with 150 youth ranging from 16-25 year-olds at the Knowledge Economy Conference whereby youth formed their own companies and proposed innovations that encompassed 30 proposals.

A pioneering supporter of giving youth their voices, enhancing skills, competencies and unearthing hidden talents as well as encouraging youth participation, entrepreneurship, innovation and decision making, she continues to be a strong advocate and a role model for this marginalized segment of society that holds the key to the future in their hands. She was also was engaged an Imagine 2020 competition and led the workshops on Writing and the Journey of the Pen, held in Saudi Arabia.

Another of her activities in empowering youth was her engagement as co-facilitator of The Two Kingdoms’ UK -Saudi Youth Forum held for ten days in Saudi Arabia, which led to joint projects between UK and Saudi youth. This also led to a follow up with a Third Forum attended by both Saudi and UK Foreign Ministers and participating organizations to share the projects and their evolution.

She was also a workshop leader of a wide range of workshops on leadership, discovering talents, journalism, blogging, poetry and youth and change, as well as upcoming ones geared towards expanding youth empowerment through ranges of competencies and life skills forums and workshops.

Her involvement with youth encompasses as well the vital need to help them with job skills and job placements, be it in the Middle East or beyond, as she is a firm believer in the need to prepare the future workforce for the upcoming prospective needs of the labor market.

Nimah has been working closely with several emerging young leaders and entrepreneurs who seek mentorship and advise in their chosen track, building their acumen, working on their CVs, networking, development and inclusion at forums and at venues which will aid them in their growth and path.

She is a very strong supporter of young filmmakers, photographers, graphic artists and calligraphers and has promoted the work of emerging filmmakers and graphic artists in several productions and projects to date. She often works hand on either one on one or with teams on artistic works ranging from poetry, journalism, photography and film making to calligraphy and graphic design and offers them opportunities to develop and network with specialists in their fields, find jobs, and pursue their projects or studies in their respective fields.

She headed a youth campaign for the relief of flood-hit Jeddah victims through initiating and implementing and aligned the efforts of numerous youth groups to offer aid to flood victims in a systematic and speedy manner.

As director of the Relief Campaign she led the groups and 4000 volunteers from the Eastern Region who were able to mobilize awareness as well spread the message of the need to offer aid to a wide range across the country, which in turn led to inspiring other youth groups in neighboring regions in the country to join in the aid efforts.

Her numerous volunteer activities from encouraging environmental awareness, breast cancer, orphans programs: reading hours for orphans and teaching them English, are geared towards sending the message through various communities in support of volunteer programs by youth from the start up phase through to carrying out the steps and programs and bringing them to fruition.

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