A solo exhibit of her work was held at the Turkish Embassy in Riyadh entitled Through Meccan Eyes. DSC_0611

She continues to work with numerous young and emerging photographers on numerous projects.

As a photographer her work has been featured in magazines such as Aramco World Magazine and books including the newly published ‘Saudi Arabia, A Land Transformed.’ Some of her work is also slated for publication of a book on the Kingdom.

Her photographic work was published as well as pages on her activities in the book Woman, Man, and God in Modern Islam by Theodore Friend and Philip Jenkins. 



On Photography

The art of capturing images has been fascinating in its scope, from documenting times, events and people to the current strides this wondrous art form is evolving into. 

In Arabia and the Middle East we are blessed with vivid colors, cultural and historic richness and heritage that makes photography more challenging and enjoyable.

flickering furiously,
Cascading, captured images

Frozen cubes
of fragrant memories,
Within your caged shutters.

Age and people,
stand still on their tippy toes,
Paying you your due,
as you spread,
your gift of giving…’

-Excerpt from ‘Ode to My Other Eyes‘ 
Ni’mah Isma’il Nawwab

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