Writings and Poetry

A voice from an ancient land, her work is both regional and global.

Her widely-read academic articles and essays have been translated from the original English into Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Urdu, Tamil, Indonesian, and Arabic including others.

She served as a reviewer/editor of the globally circulated Saudi Aramco World Magazine for 14 years and continues to edit work and contribute to several English publications.

The first Saudi Arab woman poet to be published in the United States, her pioneering work and best-seller, The Unfurling, included a historic, first-of-its-kind public book signing in Arabia another in Washington D.C. and other signings in the East and West.

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Nimah’s English poetry has been published, translated into numerous languages, included in anthologies and taught at schools and colleges in Arabia, the U.S, Singapore, Japan, India and elsewhere.

Her work has been featured in various global anthologies and been the subject of academic papers related to the Middle East, Women’s Studies, English Literature and Global Studies.

She is passionate about instilling love and appreciation of writing, poetry, journalism and blogging especially among youth. Nimah has been a poetry judge and facilitator of poetry sessions and workshops in several countries. Her writing and poetry sessions and workshops with adults and youth are geared towards raising the quantity and quality of writing and poetry, instilling a love for writing, appreciation, critiques, performance and presentation of one’s work in addition to advice on publishing.

Her poems have been included in documentaries and various international anthologies.

Anthologies include Side by Side: New Poems Inspired by Art from Around the World,   The Second Genesis: An Anthology of Contemporary World Poetry, Other Voices, The World Strand and I Belong with the latest Gathering the Tide: An Anthology of Contemporary Arabian Gulf Poetry, Garnet/Ithaca,  to which she also contributed a preface.

Her work was also featured and selected for the Scottish Poetry Library with Poetry Project for 2012 The Written Word Project BBC program representing Saudi Arabia.

As one reviewer noted, “Her voice speaks to the truths in all our lives regardless of nationality. It is a voice advocating justice, compassion and a basic respect for the dignity and rights of people everywhere.”

Canvas of the Soul-Mystic Poems from the Heartland of Arabia her lastest title the second best-seller features calligraphy, Turkish miniature artwork and ebru-marbelling of paper or water painting-is a spiritual volume similar to the works of Rumi and mystic poets.  Since the release of Canvas of the Soul has been called a ‘modern-day Rumi’ as her work reflects the serenity and peace, love and unity of spiritual love.

New work continues to engage her as she conducts various types of creative writing workshops and works on  book projects including the sequel to The Unfurling which is also in progress.

For those interested in hearing one of her performances check the following- a short piece from her latest work


Or hear her read several poems and a lecture at The Rumi Forum, DC


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