Celebrating Poetry Month


Rumi Week – Unique Experience Starting Soon with Experts & Scholars

Time to sign up for a unique experince on Mawlana Rumi, wisdom and the music of the soul July 20-25, 2015

In southern spain in a highly motivating environment, students can join in a full out  week-long program  through 

Rumi Week Rosales wt speakers for tw


Topics include:

  •  Introduction: Mawlānā, his times, works and legacy; poetry; Islam and Sufism.
  • The Inside Story: Reality, the nature, purpose and meaning of human existence.
  • Learning Wisdom: observing, reflecting and learning from this world.
  • Wayfarers’ Provisions; Remembrance, Uprightness, Fear, Hope, Knowledge.
  • The Stages of the Path: from Repentance to Transcendence
  • Film screening on Sufism (focused on Mawlana Rumi)
  • Reading from Fihi Ma Fihi.
  • Showing of photographs of authentic Mevlevi semas
  • Discussion about sema and meanings of clothes worn, music and movements



English Creative Writing Workshops – Dynamic sessions

English Creative Writing Workshops 

Novel and fiction, business writing, journalism and blogging,  poetry.

Venues: Jeddah and Dhahran

Date: January 2014  Open to youth and adults

Special student rates (ages 15-22) will be applied
Professionals of all ages also accepted

First step to assess level, numbers and interest- through less than 1 minute form below- please check email within 24-48 hours after submitting to receive further data with relevant details. This is initial registration.

NOTE Language of discussion at workshop – English mostly, but work can be in both English and Arabic

Diversity of culture and age enriches discussions and exercises.

Second Step
Registration fees submission – deadline will be four-five days prior to start of announced date on finalizing participants’  numbers and chosen genres. Required sample of writing in form will be assessed for acceptance.