International Women’s Day 2019 “Celebrating Our Lights”

Nimah recently participated at the opening sessions of the first event celeberating International Women’s Day in Dhahran.

Starting with special appreciation to partners and mentors male and female who with the known and unknown pioneering women. The pioneers– beacons and banners who have helped ignite the drive to grow on this journey. A growth on all levels, professional, emotional, spiritual and physical.

Reading two unpublished poems of hers, starting with ” Celebrating Our Lights’ a tribute to pioneers known and unknown. The audience was also engaged in the second poem ” Revolutions and Rising” a highly interactive poem on balance and the possible versus the impossible….

Celebrating Our Lights can be heard at http://

An excerpt of the poem follows

Igniting us and igniting our ancestors

igniting us and igniting our progeny

They are the named above all

the Known and the Unknown,

the recorded and unrecorded

Our treasures beyond perceivable price

here    and in    the hereafter.

The Blessed

Sittana Maryiam,

Sayyidatina Asia,

Sayyidantuna Khadijah,

Fatimah, Aisha, Safiayyah

Nusaybah, al Khansa 



 Our Mothers of the Spirit…

Nightly Pilgrimage………….We go on a pilgrimage… every night..with the turning

“We go on a pilgrimage
every night
with the turning of the sailing stars
and the dawn of the day
the pilgrimage of the soul
tugs and pulls
in the Realm of Love”
excerpt from – Nightly Pilgrimage


Canvas of the Soul   Copyright by Nimah Ismail Nawwab

The poem 'Nightly Pilgrimage'  with artwork from Canvas of the Soul

The poem ‘Nightly Pilgrimage’ with artwork from Canvas of the Soul

A Study of Nimah Nawwab’s ‘The Unfurling’ -Cultural Representations of Muslim Women in Contemporary Arab Anglophone Poetry by Dr. Hessa A. Alghadeer -Arab Workd English Journal

Cultural Representations of Muslim Women in Contemporary Arab Anglophone Poetry:
A Study of Nimah Nawwab’s The Unfurling  by Dr. Hessa A. Alghadeer  

Latest Study   2014 – Arab World English Journal-Literary Journal pages 16-29