Training and Facilitating



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Ni’mah has been involved with training and facilitating a range of workshops for various age group and diverse nationalities. Her emphasis has been focused on holding highly interactive workshops where she engages participants in small groups or café style sessions with 150 people. Her goals are to have participants reach their own conclusions, develop new skill sets, cooperative learning. She fosters a welcoming and engaging environment where diverse mindsets are able to engage in open dialogue.

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Her training skills span business, leadership and also art-related forums, workshops and sessions lasting from half-day sessions to over ten days engagements depending on organizational needs and requirements.

From media training, time management, to effective communications and presentation, business writing, to employee orientation and work ethics, she also conducts youth forums as well as leadership training development and mentorship.

Her writing workshops are often generated as new curriculum for every group to address the group’s level, needs and to raise their level after assessing their work samples ahead of the workshops.

As a trainer and a bilingual speaker her skill sets continue to enrich the programs she engages in at various venues.

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