Young Journalists Workshop
This is a rare opportunity for journalists to work with English writer, editor and essayist Ni’mah Isma’il Nawwab and engage in highly intense writing exercises in their field of interest, with the role of media, journalism and bloggers touched on and numerous on hand exercises, sharing work generated at the session. Themes are numerous as the journey begins to evolve with how to produce works for publication from start to finish.

Age 10- 17
Language: English     Type of session: Discussion, writing and analysis
Level: Beginner and intermediate

Creative Writing-Journalism-Blogging

This highly interactive workshop is offered to emerging writers as well as those interested in writing and will cover a wide range of skills such choosing topics, leads and types of leads, headlines, conducting interviews, research, creative writing, critiquing skills and reading material designed to suit the age group and levels of English writing skills.

Participants will delve into the work of renowned published writers, and be given writing exercises to enhance their appreciation of various writing styles and composition.

Ages: open to all

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