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 Nimah served as the female character and narrator in the ARABIA 3D IMAX documentary on Saudi Arabia released in 2010 to a global audience at institutes and museums. A special segment on the hajj, Arabian horses and women’s issues forms an essential segment of the documentary produced by an internationally award-winning producer.

Her involvement with the IMAX included theme consultation, involvement in the story board form the early stages onward, narration in addition to the role of the female character.

She has contributed to various documentaries on peace and women including the PBS Beyond Our Differences production on humanity and faiths.

Her involvement with film documentaries includes recent archival and research work with award-winning Filmmaker Shems Friedlander on a soon-to-be-released documentary

She is a strong supporter of young filmmakers and has promoted the work of emerging Saudi filmmakers and graphic artists in several productions to date.


As a photographer her work has been featured in magazines such as Aramco World and books including ‘Saudi Arabia, A Land Transformed.’  by Theodere Friend.

She also held a solo photo exhibit in May 2012 at the Turkish Embassy in Riyadh entitled Through Meccan Eyes.

Media Mentions:

Nimah’s work and best-selling book have been featured in BBC World News, Newsweek International, MSNBC, AP, The Washington Post, the Japanese English Yomiuri Shimbum, LA Times, Asian Age,  The Strait Times,  GEO France,  Hindustan Times, the Malay Berita Harian, Hello magazine, Eastern Eye, Hi magazine, Arabian Lady, Arab News, Saudi  Gazette, ash-Sharq al-Awsat, Al Hayat, Al Watan, Laha, Sayidaty, Khaleej Times, Arabian Lady,  Bahrain Tribune, Ukaz, Al Yawm, Arabiyyah Net, Elaf and others.

She has been interviewed by various television and radio outlets such as BBC World Update, BBC World Today, BBC World Radio, BBC Asia, NPR, BBC-Persia, BBC Al Arabiyah, Voice of America, Upfront New America Radio, KP0089.5 San Francisco, The Todd Feinburg Show, Channel News Channel News Asia, Canadian Channel M, Al Ekhbariyah, Al Arabiyah, on several MBC featuresand others.

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