Effective Business Writing

Effective Business Writing
What makes for effective, clear business writing?

Memos, letters, internal messaging, clear emails, building resumes and communication skills. Preparing various styles of business communiques and addressing different issues that crop up in the business environment through conveying them in a concise manner through the written form is always a challenge.

Participants will be exposed to various types of such communications and will learn methods of generating such needed skills and how to edit for clarity and effectiveness.

This is an interactive session led by Ni’mah who has reviewed Saudi Aramco World magazine for 14 years. Her work has been translated from original English to various languages as she continues to contribute to international publications.

She has conducted writing workshops on various writing genres with the aim of raising the bar as well as standard of the written work for enhanced effective communication.

Level: Beginner and intermediate
Language: English
Type of session: interactive workshop

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