Rumi Lovers & Students Upcoming Lectures, Films and Music with Scholars July 20 Southern Spain

A unique opportunity to delve into the world of Mawlana Rumi and discuss with renowned scholars his wisdom, the Sufi path and enjoy music of the soul.  Film screening and other activities also slated. Registration still open, what a great opportunity to learn and imbibe with scholars. Registration and details on and email of Alqueria de Rosales Campus <> for inquiries.


Topics include but not limited to 

  •  Introduction: Mawlānā, his times, works and legacy; poetry; Islam and Sufism.
  • The Inside Story: Reality, the nature, purpose and meaning of human existence.
  • Learning Wisdom: observing, reflecting and learning from this world.
  • Wayfarers’ Provisions; Remembrance, Uprightness, Fear, Hope, Knowledge.
  • The Stages of the Path: from Repentance to Transcendence
  • Film screening on Sufism (focused on Mawlana Rumi)
  • Reading from Fihi Ma Fihi.
  • Showing of photographs of authentic Mevlevi semas
  • Discussion about sema and meanings of clothes worn, music and movements

Rumi Week Rosales wt speakers for tw

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