‘A voice among the voicelesss’
-The Longing   
by N’imah Isma’il Nawwab

“As the tolerance of our spiritual beliefs, is hijacked, twisted, used.”
-The Ambush
 by by N’imah Isma’il Nawwab

Welcome, ahlan waslan to a creative, open space that beckons the senses, as you read, listen and watch.

A space for the young and young at heart, for students, teachers, academics, for writers, poetry lovers and photographers.

A place of discovery…..

-(Nimah speaks) for the too-often silent voice of the Arab woman… a unique and articulate window to the soul…
Stephen L. Brundage, Arab News

7 comments on “Welcome

  1. My meeting with you in Fez two weeks ago was my introduction to sufi culture. I’d like to learn more from your poems. The one you said at the symposium was very moving. Please do keep me posted of any forthcoming events.

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